The Artise Studios Project is a structured initiative that serves as an extension of Agape Love Outreach Ministries, Inc. It seeks to produce connection partners and transformational leaders — through the Gospel of Jesus Christ — who will become a strategic part of the social, economic and holistic development within his/her community, through volunteerism in programming, educational enrichment, community engagement and support.

The Artise Studios Project is in support of the belief that community engagement is directly connected to the social, economic and holistic growth and development of a community and its members. By increasing the number of individuals who are actively participating in civic engagement and philanthropic initiatives, it seeks to eradicate social and humane issues among marginalized populations within the local and at-large community. – Luke 22:26, 1 John 4:7-8


  • To produce connection partners and transformational leaders through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To create opportunities of sustainable growth, as well as holistic and socioeconomic development for individuals and the community through connection, resources and support.
  • To embrace strategic planning and educational enrichment that focuses on critical thinking and forward movement for the individual and his/her sphere of influence.
  • To become established through individualized identity and human relations that promote healthy interactions between individuals and the local/greater community, while creating a sense of belonging, love and support. – Matthew 28


Artise Studios supports the belief that no man is an island and that being connected to a “community” plays a vital role in the strategic positioning and fulfilment of one’s purpose and destiny.  We believe that individuals are made up of three dimensions – spirit, soul and body.

We are committed to the holistic development of each connection partner and their sphere of influence.

We also believe that history has shown a connection between positive inner development and positive actions or outcomes. No matter how much people believe that they are prepared for obstacles in their life’s journey, a person, organization or community has a greater chance at defeating the odds against today’s complex and interrelated challenges, if they know that they are not facing these challenges alone.

Artise Studios proudly serves as an extension of Agape Love Outreach Ministries, Inc. and is committed to supporting our connection partners from the creation stage, to the embracing stage, until the becoming stage is a realized purpose being fulfilled.  We are here to serve and support you! – Romans 12:4-5


We are committed to our connection partners and community’s holistic development and educational enrichment experience. It is our goal to make every effort to ensure a valuable, intellectually-enlightening and people-friendly experience that leads you, our Connection Partner, to a transformational moment of self-reflection and renewed inner motivation. If for any reason you are not satisfied during an event sponsored, whole or in part by us, please let us know by emailing us at or by calling us at 919.446.1923, Monday through Thursday, between 9am – 6pm EST and our Connection Partner Specialist Team will make every effort to resolve your concern and serve your need.  – 2 Corinthians 1:20

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